Auto Crane® Announces New Power on Demand™ with Titan Connect™ System…

Auto Crane® Announces New Power on Demand™ with Titan Connect™ System is Now Available on Class 6/7 Vehicles

TULSA, OK (October 5, 2022) – Auto Crane, a subsidiary of the Tulsa-based engineering and manufacturing company Ramsey Industries, is proud to announce the new, patent-pending, Power on Demand™ with Titan Connect™ system is now available for Class 6/7 mechanics’ trucks. This technology joins the previously released version currently available on Class 5 vehicles.

“This technology fills an immense need in the work truck industry, especially with chassis in short supply.  Reducing unnecessary engine idling saves thousands of dollars in fuel costs and extends the life of the chassis for years,” said Scott Hausman, Sales and Marketing Director of Auto Crane. “An even bigger potential win for companies adopting this technology are the Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions reductions and the ability for technicians to contribute to corporate sustainability goals on a daily basis.” 

Titan Connect is Auto Crane’s advanced wiring harness system for service trucks that allows the vehicle chassis to communicate with the PDM – providing an opportunity for telematics, advanced controls, and engine idling controls. This system, paired with Power on Demand, enables operators to remote-start the engine, power auxiliary equipment, and save on fuel and maintenance costs by reducing engine idle time. 

“Auto Crane’s skilled and dedicated engineering staff continuously explores ways to improve our product to be the best in the industry” said Mike Lawson, Engineering Manager, Auto Crane. “This has allowed Auto Crane to leverage the latest technology to create the backbone necessary for full system communication and automation, meeting future customer expectations today.”

Auto Crane’s Power on Demand technology saves operators and fleet managers money through fuel savings and CO2emissions mitigation, ensuring the uptime of your fleet assets, extending the asset lifecycle and depreciation cycle, and reducing acquisition costs. 

John Celoni, President and CEO of Ramsey Industries adds: “our consistent commitment to solving present and future needs leads us to continually innovate for the customer and with the customer in mind. We are excited about the impact this technology can have for companies concerned with ESG initiatives and reducing their carbon footprint – while also providing cost-savings.”